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How Does Website Hosting Work?

Congratulations On Your Website!

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We’d like to dedicate this first post to those who dare to dream big and actually go out and do something about it. Launching a website is not necessarily the hardest obstacle in the world, but at the same time it is definitely not the easiest either.

There is a lot that comes with it, from choosing a name, designing a logo, picking a web hosting service, hiring a web developer or choosing the right theme to match your sites image. It can all get a little daunting on your first attempt.

The reason we started this website is to help guide you at least in one area of the big picture, an area that we have expertise in, and that is helping you choose the best web hosting company for your website. Our future posts will be catered toward that end goal. So, though we may not be able to choose the right logo for you, at least we can help you pick the best hosting company to store your files at.

What to look for in a good website hosting company?

What exactly does one look for when choosing the right website hosting company?

These three things:

- Customer Service

- Functionality

- Configurability